Coat of Daggers

“I think of my work as journal entries.
My work first starts with a moment in reality that resonates with me. The moments are usually small but they can also be lingering memories, bulky and heavy. I then try to metamorphose the thing into something tangible. Manipulating images on my tablet, trying to understand the moment as I go. When they are ready as they’ll ever be, I send them off to the printers to print on high-quality, shatter-proof acrylic glass. They are then cut into their respective shapes. Each one is one of a kind.”



Kezliegh is a mixed digital media artist who prints original works on large acrylic sheets. 
She was born in Muskoka, Canada in 1993 under the name of Amy Merritt. She struggled in a low-income family and experienced hardships in her young adult life. Though turbulent, she has always found solace in her creativity. 
Kezliegh attended the first Integrated Design course in 2017 at the Haliburton School of Art + Design. She experimented with many forms of art such as glass blowing, 3D digital modeling, and ceramics; reenvisioning her world in a tangible way.
She has been exhibited internationally and is part of multiple Artsy profiles, one of the world’s largest online platforms.
She is predominantly inspired by moments that build reality. Memories that have a texture, colour, form and feeling.
Kezliegh is currently working hard at becoming a noteworthy artist and producing new work in her small studio in Toronto, Ontario.