"My art is a form of self-expression where I explore themes of identity, mental health, and the beauty of the natural world. Through my work, I hope to create a space of contemplation and mindfulness. I use digital art to explore the complexities of the human experience. My art is not only a visual representation of my inner world but also a way to connect with others. My goal is to evoke emotion, thoughtfulness, and understanding through my art."

Coat of Daggers


Kezliegh, also known as Amy Merritt is a Canadian new media artist who grew up in Muskoka, a small region north of Toronto, Ontario. 

She specializes in contemporary art, often exploring themes of identity and self-expression. Kezliegh's work often features bright colors and abstract shapes. Her art is heavily influenced by their background in design and their interest in nostalgia. 


Her work has been featured in several publications and has been shown in galleries internationally. Kezliegh's art is a reflection of their own identity and a way of communicating their perspective and experiences with the world.

Kezliegh is currently working hard at becoming a noteworthy artist and producing new work in her small studio in Toronto, Ontario.



Experience & Expertise


2016 - 2017 Integrated Design, Haliburton School of Art + Design


Madrid, Spain 

2022 - Present Monat Gallery, Lightweight Series

  • 40” diameter organic shape acrylic sheets

2021 – Present Galeria Azur, Lightweight Series

January 15th - February 15th, 2022 – “Eclipse” Exhibition

  • 40” diameter organic shape acrylic sheets

Toronto, Ontario

2022 - Arta Gallery

  • And then I did cry a little bit 70” acrylic panels

  • Me 75” acrylic sheet

2022 - Hazelton Fine Art Galleries 

  • Looking Up and Babble 40” diameter round acrylic sheet

Bracebridge, Ontario  

2021 UNA Gallery 

  • Babble, Foil, Candytuff, Forget-Me-Not Dreams, Stones 

  • 40” diameter digital media on acrylic sheets


2022 Group Exhibition, “Twenty-Something”, The Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto ON

2022 Virtual Group Exhibition, “Barker Hanger”, The Other Art Fair

2022 Group Exhibition, Luxembourg Art Fair, Art3f, Luxembourg

2022 Group Exhibition, "Eclipse" Galeria Azur, Madrid, Spain 

2021 Group Exhibition, "Object D'Art" The Holy Art Gallery, London, England

2021 Virtual Group Exhibition, "Paraíso" M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milan, Italy


Bracebridge, Ontario 

2021 Muskoka Collective Building 

  • Foil 40" diameter round acrylic glass

  • Candytuft 40” diameter round acrylic glass


Yolk Literary — “Vol. 2.2 Summer 2022” Josh Quirion Etitor; Page 43

Create! Magazine — “5 Year Anniversary Edition” Ekaterina Popova editor;  #28 Pages 75 - 78


Women to Watch, The Other Art Fair -Saatchi Art with "Uh uh, absolutely not"

Figures and Portraits, Saatchi Art with "The Squad"